Movies with a nice message

  • Sucker Punch .- I haven’t liked a movie so much in quite a long time. It has everything I like in a movie: A good story and a good message, and except for the violence basically a PG movie. Great action sequences, great special effects, just visually stunning, an beautiful girls, what else could you ask for? Zack Snyder directed and co-wrote this, very talented guy. He also worked on 300 and the Watchmen.
  • Life or something like it .- This is an old movie, but I’ve watched it again recently and it is a classic, did I mention it has Angelina Jolie?
  • Big fish .- Not “The Big Fish” that is another movie.Again an old movie, great story. It’s a Tim Burton movie and the novel written by Daniel Wallace.


Lists and news

  • newser .- Read less, know more. A great way to stay informed.
  • listverse .- An addictive set of lists with curios facts.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations.

— M ><>