Yesterday at the dentists office, while I was getting the anesthesia injected in to my dentures, for a very brief moment I felt the sting of the needle. Almost instantly al also felt the dental assistant caress my shoulder. At that very moment I stop noticing the sting of the needle as much, in fact I almost did not feel anything.

Just then I had this epiphany: It is in my nature to not just notice, but dwell on what ever pain I am feeling at the moment. It seams so scream in my face and it’s almost impossible to ignore. It’s just so real. It is this knowledge that has made me realize the place and power of worship, prayer and  bible memorization in my life.

I remembered how Silas and Paul were singing in the prison after being beaten and flogged? Acts 16:16-40, why would they sing psalms? Sing at all?! Not that it was a coping mechanism, but the fact is that when you are in pain you have two options: Dwell on the pain or think about something confronting … I am wondering if I had been there with them, I would have suggested to think of God in worship?