David VS Goliath

I really like it when science or secular philosophy analyzes a biblical story. This particular TED talk is about the story of David VS Goliath and how we often, perhaps mistakenly, we assume that the giant (Goliath) should be the favorite to win.

[ted id=1831]

Malcom Glaldwell makes some interesting points:

  • Goliath probably suffered from giantism, which gave him some disadvantages:
    • He was slow
    • He had poor eyesight
    • He probably probably was not very agile
  • On the other hand, David had some important advantages:
    • He was a slinger, and a good slinger could shoot a projectile with the same stopping power as a 45 caliber revolver.
    • He was agile and had been tested, killing some large predators in his job as a shepherd.

To me, this makes the story even more interesting, and gives it a fresh new perspective. Some may think that Gladwell’s points take away from the story, making it less of a miracle or requiring little or no devine intervention.

I think that to the contrary, this enriches the story, here are some points to consider:

  • Wether or not, if the giant was agile and a credible threat or not, there were an entire army or hebrews that were convinced they did not want to fight him.
  • There was an entire army of enemies who were convinced that Goliath was a good enough worrier to bet on him to win.
  • This is typical of Satan, he presents us with problems, trials or enemies that seem to our human eyes as insurmountable, impossible to defeat. In fact they might be just a facade with no substance.
  • We christians don’t  recognize that what abilities and trials God allows in our way train us for something epic, we will all get an opportunity to face a Goliath, or hide like the rest of the army. Human abilities are still God given, and makes what we do with them not in small part a miracle, when we act in his will.
  • God did not ask anyone to defend his honor, and only David loved God so much that he felt ofended and wanted to defend God. I do not know how much of a motivation it the reward was, but from what he says in the bible story, his first and main motivation was to defend God’s honor. This is what I think this was at least in part why God called David: “A man after my own heart”.
  • David was raised in a home and a culture where there were stories of miracles, where God had done even more amazing things for his people. David believed these stories, and could get God’s heart for us through them.

I hope these observations help,

God bless.