Rejection is good

I’ve had a lot of rejections, when I look for a job or a relationship. Haven gotten some jobs and some relationships that I should have not, I now realize that rejections are good.

Rejection like pain is not welcomed, I avoid it at all costs. However upon reflection, I think all rejections I’ve got so far have avoided something worse.

After my divorce, I wanted to go back to all the christian ladies that did not want to be my girlfriends … and say “thank you”. Saying no to me spared the both of us from something much much worse.

Similarly with jobs, I stop asking my self why I got rejected for a position, when I though the interviews had gone great! … I’ve concluded it does not matter, for what ever reason they have, it is valid for them to conclude I am not a good match. And again, they are saving the both of us a lot of a lot of grief.

Pain, physical pain, is the same way. Not pleasant at all but for our own good, to avoid more damage!