Evidence of the Holly Spirit

I realized something this last week when talking about God, Christianity, the bible and other religions. When I was describing that we christians believe, as in know, that God in the person of  the Holly Spirit comes and lives in our hearts, in our beings. What I realized was this:

I believe this is true because it is in the bible, because of answers to my prayers in ways I did not anticipate, because of God actually intervenes in my life. But can I present this or any thing specific, tangible as evidence? I do not like to describe feelings or circumstances as evidence, because it can be said to be subjective.

I want to write an article in my wiki https://mayelespino.com/wiki/  about my research in to this. I want to find and write about evidence of the Holly Spirit, particularly in my life, that is incontrovertible. The kind you can take to a court of law.

There is a lot of evidence about the existence and work of Jesus, and also much evidence about the existence and work or God the Father. And for me it is easy to precent evidence for both. Tangible and objective evidence. Of course it is still up to the listener to accept or not, but the evidence is concrete none the less.

Additionally the work of the Holly Spirit is to bring attention to Jesus Christ and God the Father. I like a lot what a pastor friend of mine, Gilberto Gutierrez, said: “God uses our lives as his business cards….”, it seams that the Fruit of the Spirit, perhaps intangible and subjective for people around us, is God’s favorite evidence.