The reason for God — Chapter IV.- The church has caused so much injustice in the world.

Some common questions, objections:

There are atheist that are better than the Christians I know….there is a background of personal disappointment.If Christianity is the truth then: 

There are 3 areas:

Why the moral faults of Christians?


  • Should’nt Christians not be an example to everyone?… A misunderstanding of what Christianity teaches about it self
  • We are all by nature bad, all good things we do come from God. We are not a code of conduct. – Moral improvement and christian growth is a process, sanctification.
  •  “You dont change to come to Jesus, you come to Jesus and he makes the changes”, “Church is a hospital not a museum”.

 Why the conflict and violence? 


  • All religious countries have institutionalized violence and evil… but in the absence of religion other beliefs (communism, french revolution, secularism) have done worse.
  • Countries or power groups take any excuse, to be radical: race, the state, intellectualism, etc.
  • The violence is a result of a power struggle that is in human nature and outside of Christianity.

Why the fanatics?  “When arguing for the truth of their faith many Christians seem unfair, unforgiving”


  • Christianity is not a form of moral improvement.
  •  Christians are not “right with God” because of their behaviour,their moral standing and practices.
  • Salvation is by grace, what was done for us, not what we do. This is profoundly humbling.
  • Fanatics are not too christian… they are not christian enough!!