The reason for God — Chapter VI.- Science has disproved Christianity


Here are some common objections or questions:

“As a believer in evolution, I can’t accept the Bible’s prescientific accounts of the origin of life.”, “The Bible is filled with accounts of miracles… hey simply could not have happened”. Richard Dawkins in his book: “The God delusion” argues that you can not be an intelligent scientific thinker and still hold religious beliefs, it is one or the other.


  • There have been many brilliant scientist that are Christians, several alive today. Search the internet, here is a sample:
  • Science is only equipped to test for natural causes and cannot speak to any other causes.Science (the application of the scientific method) is only one tool to explain our universe, we need several tools, like philosophy, logic, psychology , history, etc.
  • Science can only explain events that occur in the work in terms of other events. Can only assert truths that can be tested and verified or denied under controlled circumstances. Scientists must assume that everything has a ‘natural’ cause, because these are the only kind of cause that it’s methodology can address.
  • There is no scientific experiment to test the statement (hypothesis) : “No supernatural cause for any natural phenomenon is possible…”.
  • If there is a Creator God, there is nothing illogical at all about he possibility of miracles. After all if He created everything out of nothing, it is no problem for Him to re-arrange parts of it as and when He wishes.
  • If you believe: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…. you have no problem believing the rest of the Bible….” — Chuck Smith.
  • To be sure that miracles cannot occur… you would have to be sure, beyond a doubt that Gode didn’t exist… and that is an article of faith.. a statement of faith.

“Isn’t Science in conflict with Christianity?”

  • It is common to believe this because the media (TV, news papers, books, etc.) gives wide publicity to battles between secular and religious people, this is what sells!
  • When evolution is turned into an all-encompassing theory that “explains” everything we believe, feel and do as the product of natural selection, the we are not in the arena of science, but of philosophy.
  • There are some scientists that  believe in evolution, or parts of evolution, as an instrument of God. I personally do not believe in macro-evolution, changes from one species to another (from plan to fish or human), micro-evolution (from one race to another, for example in Dogs) I believe is evident.  Also I do not believe that God had any problem creating things as we see them now, even considering long geological time tables.
  • Science and religious faith are not mutually exclusive and have their own spheres of authority.
  • Sociologists of knowledge admit like Peter Berger have shown that our peer group and primary relationships shape our beliefs much more than we want to admit…
  • Evolution can not explain everything, it is not the ultimate answer. For example it can not explain our sense of morality, love, etc. as mear neuro – chemical reactions.
  • Miracles are hard to believe, and they should be. For example Matthew 28 ..they admitted that even though they saw the risen Christ, some doubted…It is not only modern man that struggles with miracles, the ancient believers who witness the resurrection also had truble. The most instructive thing about this text (Matthew 28) is that it explains the reason for miracles…They lead not just to cognitive believe (practical knowledge) but also to worship, to awe and wonder!!
  • Jesus’s miracles were never just “tricks” designed only to impress and coerce (force). Instead He used miraculous power to heal the sick, feed the hungry and raise the dead. Jesus ment miracles to be the restoration of the natural order, to set the world right! To redeem the world! His miracles are not just to proof his power, but to give us a taste of what He is going do with His power. His miracles are not just to challenge our minds, but are a promise to our hearts, that the world we all want is coming! AMEN!